Call for Participants. Outstanding Teen Gala 2018 1. Decide on a document name for the document you will be adding.

2. Click on the edit button that is below the menu to the left.

3. A text box will come up with some simple syntax representing the menu.

  • The menu item format is:
    ++++Menu Item Name |
      * [[Section name:Document name | Document Name]]
      * [[Section name:Document name | Document Name]]

4. Add your document under the correct menu item in the correct order using the same format.

5. Click the save button.

6. Look in the menu and find your new document and click on it.

7. You will be shown a page that tells you the page you want has not been created. Click the button in the top left corner to create the new page.

8. You will now be at your new manual page.

9. Now follow the instructions on how to update a page. You will simply be updating a new blank page. Make sure you start off with:

=====Document Name=====

so the pages have a consistant style and look.

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