Welcome to the Master Plan Direct Help Center

This is where to find the answers to all of your Master Plan Direct questions. We have all the syntax explained, as well as short tutorials to help you either learn to edit in just a few minutes or, for our more seasoned users learn more advanced techniques.

Where to Start

Where you start depends on how comfortable you are with computers and the internet.

  • If you have no fear and just want to jump in, just look over the syntax for a moment and perhaps read the New Page, Edit Page and Staying Organized tutorials. It is likely you will learn by trial and error and by looking at what has already been done.
  • If you would prefer to be eased into this, no problem! It is easy and you could be editing and adding pages in no time. Try looking over the syntax, if it is overwhelming, go through a few of our tutorials. And remember, you can’t break anything! Every revision is documented so if you make a mistake correcting it is simple.


Go to the Syntax Page to learn about editing pages.

Go to the Quick Syntax Page for a quick reference.


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